Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bikers 4 Obama plans trip to Ohio!!

It's official! Bikers 4 Obama is going to Ohio to assist with Getting Out The Vote !!!!!!!

My husband and I have been contemplating a trip to Ohio for over a week now. I have been assisting Obama's campaign from home by making calls to voters all over the U.S. That has been truly rewarding for me. Well, I want to help out a little more than that. I want to pound the pavement, meet the people face-to-face, and encourage others to GOTV.

I understand that this type of support isn't feasible for everyone, especially those of you that are scheduled to work. I realize this is short notice. Because I'm self-employed and control my own schedule, I can't justify (to myself) not going. This is the least I can do.

We are planning to depart Atlanta on Feb. 29th and return on March 5th. At this moment, we are not sure if we will drive or fly there. We will wait to hear from others that are interested in going. If we can put together a nice size group, we will drive or take a charter bus. If not, we will hop on a flight.

If you are interested in taking this trip with us, please email me. I will be posting more details later today.


Obama responds to Clinton's attack

Clinton is in dire need to attract supporters in Texas, Ohio and other states. Her message has somehow changed. She is now promoting herself as the candidate of solutions, and Obama as the candidate of speeches, talk...rhetoric.

She is correct... speeches along won't change anything. What does she think Obama has been doing over the last 20 years?? While she was working as a corporate attorney for Walmart, Obama was working with the people...organizing neighborhoods on the Southside of Chicago. Obviously, Clinton knows this. She just doesn't want anyone else to know it.

Here is Obama addressing Clinton's assertion during a 6,000 person rally in Wisconsin. The man is holding his own again this chick. He will do the same against the old timer, McCain.