Monday, February 25, 2008

11,000 Strong in Dayton, Oh

Barack attracted a crowd of 11,000 to Wright State Univ in Dayton, Ohio this evening.
He spoke about the significance of hope...

Hope is imagining, then fighting for what did not seem possible before. Not to solve our problems easily. Not to think that somehow because we win an election that everything's going to be okay. But we have the chance to join together and work hard on behalf of future generations. There's a moment in the life of every generation where that spirit has to come through. When we can imagine that a better world is possible when we
are willing to work for it.

He discussed his continued committment to human rights...

We will lead in ending the genocide in Darfur. We will lead by having the highest standards of civil rights and civil liberties and due process. We will close Guantanamo we will practice habeas corpus, because you will have a President who's practiced law and understands the Constitution.

This is why I love Obama! He embraces hope, but he calls his supporters to action. He actually wants us involved. He is the ONLY candidate I have heard mention "a working majority." A candidate can have a ton of great ideas but none of that means anything if he/she does not possess the ability to unite the parties and form a working majority. DUH!

The average person may not understand the significance of forming a working majority. I am thankful Obama cared enough to mention and explain it to the voters. But, isn't Hillary supposed to know this? Why hasn't she mentioned it? She is selling her supporters on all of these great ideas, and know she won't be able to get half of them passed through Congress because she cannot effectively reach across party lines.

There's not a doubt in my mind that Obama will be an effective President, very likely the best we have seen. He has shown great character and sound judgment. He is unwavering, steadfast and presidential. Yes, Clinton has experience, but Obama has wisdom. I will take the latter any day.

We must move away from this culture of cynicism. What type of message are we sending to our children when we tear people down and mock those of us that dare to hope. Barack will unite the country, restore hope and inspire the American people.

The Audacity to Hope. If you haven't purchased the book, you better get it! I'm reading it for the 2nd time now.

Obama 08!!

Former Cleveland Mayor endorses Obama!

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Former Cleveland mayor, Michael White, has endorsed Barack Obama. In a very well-written and heartfelt statement, White explains why he recently switched his support from Clinton to Obama.

Here's what he had to say...

I grew up in an era of hope-not only for Black Americans but for all Americans. It occurred to me at a young age that Dr. King was speaking not just to the plight of Black Americans but to the plight of all socially dispossessed Americans regardless of race or gender. He connected the poor in Harlem to the poor in Appalachia in speech after speech and in city after city which I believe made him a great threat to those who prosper by creating division in America...

Six months ago, I supported Senator Hillary Clinton. My wife JoAnn and I are friends of the Clintons. President Clinton was only the second elected official, after the assassinations of the 1960s, to give me hope again. Not withstanding his personal transgressions, President Clinton loves America and tried to do as much for the same Americans that the Kennedys and Dr. King were concerned about. But, after watching the primary election process by the day and sometimes by the hour, I decided that I cannot cast my vote for Senator Clinton.

On March 4th, I'm voting for Barack Obama because I want real change in our America, and he's made me hopeful that he has the intestinal fortitude to make the change which our country so sorely needs..."


A message from Obama...

Here's an email I just received from Obama...

A week from tomorrow could be the decisive day in this campaign.
We started behind in the two biggest states that will vote on March 4th, Ohio and Texas, but as we spend time on the ground, we are gaining strength.
But that's nothing new for us. We have started as the underdog in just about every state. And thanks to a growing movement of support from ordinary people across the country, we came from behind and won the last 11 contests in a row.
We can do this again.
It's not going to be easy -- attacks from our Democratic opponent and the presumptive Republican nominee are growing more frequent and more desperate. And the size of these two states will require unprecedented energy and resources to organize supporters and persuade undecided voters.
But we're within striking distance of our goal of one million people owning a piece of this campaign by March 4th, and every single person getting involved makes a difference.
If you make a donation through our matching program, you will double the impact of a first-time donor.
Encourage a fellow supporter to be one of the million. Make a matching donation right now:
We're within reach of this extraordinary goal for the same reason we've come from behind to unexpectedly win 26 out of 37 contests so far.
We're succeeding because our campaign has always been about bringing new people into the process.
Thanks to you, we're on the verge of history. Please do what you can to see this through.
Thank you,

Hillary Mocks Obama During A Campaign Rally

This lady has a split personality. She stands in front of her supporters mocking Obama during her rally. By attacking his message in this manner, she is also attacking his supporters as if they are delusional or something. These are the very same supporters she will need to vote for her IF she won the primary. Yeah, she may be smart as a whip..."nerd-like" is one way I've heard her described. But none of that "nerd-like" knowledge means anything if you don't have common sense.

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New Gallup Poll! Obama Trounces Clinton

Check out this new Gallup poll! It reaffirms Clinton is indeed a divider, not a uniter. Regardless of how hard she tries to fake it, she does not have the ability to inspire or unite enough people to perfect change.

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How Obama Can Effect Change

Please check out this new article written on how Obama can effect change. It was written by a friend and fellow Obama supporter, He really outdid himself with this one. It is right on point! Pls digg it up!

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