Thursday, February 21, 2008

FREE shipping on Obama gear!

FINALLY, some of our Obama support items have arrived! There is a 8 week back order on almost every item on Obama's official site. So, I had to take matters into my own hands to get the gear here.

ALL proceeds from our sales are donated to Obama's campaign! Remember, Obama's entire campaign is funded by the lobbyists or special interest groups. Please support our store! Every $1 counts.

We have several types of Obama pin-back buttons, and bumper stickers available. Take a look!

We will add other items to this page as we receive them. We expect to receive rally signs, t-shirts, hats and yard signs!


Obama '08 Pin-Back Button (white)

Show your support for Barack Obama with this WHITE pin-back button. 2 1/4" $2.00 each

Obama '08 Pin-Back Button (blue)

Show your support for Barack Obama with this BLUE pin-back button. 2 1/4" $2.00 each

Obama '08 Bumper Sticker (white)

Show your support for Barack Obama with this vinyl bumper sticker. Measuring 11-1/2" x 3", this bumper sticker is made with a removable adhesive that will not damage your car or bike. $2.00 each

Obama for President Pin-Back Button (w/ stars)

Show your support for Barack Obama with this beautiful red, white and blue pin-back button. 2 1/4" $2.00 each

Barack Obama for President 2008 (w/ photo)

Show your support for Barack Obama with this beautiful pin-back button. 2 1/4" $2.00 each

*Free shipping on all items shipped within the U.S. This offer expires on April 15, 2008.

Emmitt Smith Endorses Obama in Dallas

Here is a clip of Emmitt Smith endorsing Barack Obama during a rally in Dallas, TX on Wed, Feb 20th.

It's great to see Emmitt stand there and speak of Obama with such passion and conviction. Obama's candidacy has already had a tremendous effect on people across the US. I can only imagine what having him as a President will do for our country.

Light A Candle for Obama during CNN debate

The long awaited Democratic debate will take place tonight at 8pm EST in Austin, Texas. It will be broadcasted on CNN.

Please Light a Candle in support of Obama during tonight's debate. And, please send him some positive energy.

This is a great opportunity for many unknowns to get to know him, particularly the Hispanic community in Texas. His momemtum has proven that the more people get to know him, the more they like him, his message and ideas.

So, don't forget...Light A Candle for Obama at 8pm EST tonight and tune in to the debate on CNN.

Obama on predatory lending

Obama discusses the mortgage crisis during a rally in San Antonio, TX on Tues, Jan 19th. Once he's President of the United States, he will set-up a $10 billion fund to help people remain in their homes. He also plans to continue his fight against predatory lenders.

I get a bit annoyed when I hear someone criticize Obama for not having a plan or any good ideas, only rhetoric. That's ridiculous on many levels! The man has a plan for every pressing issue, and he goes into detail on his website. Check out the issues page.

You can also download your own copy of his 64-page Blueprint for Change: Obama's Plan for America. If you take the time to review it in its entirety, I believe you will have to admit not only does the man have many ideas, he has some of the BEST ideas.

Obama learned politics helping the poor

This is a great article from Newsweek regarding the time Obama spent working as a community organizer in the Southside of Chicago. "When he arrived in 1985, Obama was paid just over $10,000 plus enough money to buy a beat-up Honda."

Read the entire article here...

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