Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama clinches the Democratic nomination!

Barack Obama, the 46 year old senator from Illinois, clinches the Democratic nomination. Obama is the first African-American to be nominated by the democratic party!

Wow, the power of one word, HOPE and faith! Just five months ago, most of America knew very little about Barack Obama. I can recall numerous conversations with people who assured me America wasn't ready for a guy named Obama.

I can now look at my beautiful brown babies and assure them that their choices are endless here in America

Please take a moment to review Obama's victory speech below. You would not assume from Obama's speech that he made history tonight. His entire victory speech was dedicated to US, not to him. He didn't even acknowledge his huge accomplishment as the first African American nominee; instead, he focused on America and reminded us all that this campaign is about US, not HIM. Graceful.

What a huge difference from Clinton's speech, which she dedicated to herself and her inadequate campaign accomplishments.

Barack Obama = Unity and Grace

Hillary Clinton = Sore-loser