Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Texas Two-Step

As you may have heard, the Texas primary voting process is like no other. Texas voters are being asked to vote during the day, and return in the evening to caucus for their candidate.

I'm not complaining about this process. I personally believe this process favors Obama. Soccer moms, seniors over 60 yrs old and the working class (Clinton's base) are less likely to return to caucus for Clinton after voting during the primary. Soccer moms tend to have a pretty busy schedule in the evenings. Seniors may not appreciate the caucus setting, and will likely be at home resting during the evening hours.

Obama's base, young college-age voters will likely show up early to caucus for Obama, and will hang out all night if they must.

Click here for more information about the Texas Two-Step!

Another Ohio endorsement!

Mansfield Mayor Donald Culliver announced today his endorsement of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama for president. Culliver joins Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson in announcing their support for Obama.

“If we are going to make a better future for America, we need
a leader who isn’t invested in the political food fights of the past,” Culliver said. “Barack Obama is that leader. He has a record of bringing people together to deliver change, and what American cities need now is someone who can unite the country – from the grassroots up – around a sense of common purpose to pass universal healthcare, create new jobs and restore balance to our economy.”


Sen. Chris Dodd to endorse Obama

The Associated Press is reporting that Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut will formally endorse Obama today.

Dodd's support, coupled with his liberal credentials, could provide a boost for Obama as major contests near in big states such as Ohio and Texas on March 4. Obama has won some key Democratic endorsements in recent weeks, including Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, a close friend of Dodd.

Obama and rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton had been vying for Dodd's support since he exited the presidential race after a poor showing in the Iowa caucus last month. Dodd, who won his Senate seat in 1980 and chaired the Democratic National Committee from 1995-1996, has long-standing ties to the Clintons...

Dodd also could help Obama with Hispanic voters. A fluent Spanish speaker, Dodd served in the Peace Corps in a rural village in Dominican Republic from 1966-68 and has had a strong interest in Latin American affairs throughout his career..."