Thursday, February 14, 2008

Obama v. McCain

Here's more evidence that Obama will be more likely than Clinton to beat McCain in the general election. Colorado is a so-called "purple state," which has voted Republican in the last three presidential elections but is trending Democratic... According to Rasmussen, Obama is significantly more likely to beat McCain in Colorado than Clinton is...

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows that Barack Obama (D) currently holds a seven-point advantage over John McCain (R), 46% to 39%. However, if the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton, McCain will begin the race with a fourteen point advantage, 49% to 35%. %. National polling, updated daily, currently shows the same general trend with Obama currently performing better than Clinton in match-ups with McCain.

Sixty percent (60%) of Colorado voters currently have a favorable opinion of Obama while just 36% hold an unfavorable view.

McCain earns favorable reviews from 55% and less flattering assessments from 42%.

Clinton is viewed favorably by 44% and unfavorably by 54%.

Click here for a breakdown of various polls showing that Obama is more likely to beat McCain than Clinton.

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