Saturday, February 23, 2008

Newsweek catches John McCain in LIE after LIE

McCain stood before cameras with his Barbie-like wife by his side and denied all allegations of infidelity and special favors. I felt from the time the words left his lips he was lying about something. I couldn't care less about the claims of infidelity. What goes around comes around. (McCain cheated on his first wife, Carol, with Cindy (his present wife). After 14 years of marriage, McCain ended his marriage with Carol. And 1 month later married Cindy.) McCain was 40 and Cindy was 25 at the time they married.

I believe the more serious allegations are that of giving special favors to special interest groups. He lied and stated he had not been contacted by 'the lobbyist's" boss. Newsweek has a deposition transcript from 2002 that proves McCain LIED.

Did he forget he gave the statement during his deposition? Or, is he just plain stupid? I think it's the latter. After 7 years of Bush, we do not need another stupid president.

Read more about the Newsweek article here...

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