Friday, February 15, 2008

Michelle Obama in Columbus, OH

Michelle Obama traveled Ohio today, making stops in Columbus and Cincinnati! Before her event started at Ohio State University, the overflowing crowd started chants of "Fired Up and Ready to Go!" and "Yes, We Can!"

During her speech, Michelle spoke about she could relate to Ohioans because she grew up in a middle class family and her father worked hard every day to support his family as best he could. She also spoke about how she's worried about the lack of empathy our country is facing.

She said:
"People are struggling all over the place because the jobs like my father had, those blue collar jobs, are disappearing. Over the course of my lifetime, I have seen the challenges that ordinary folks face get increasingly more difficult...It's not that we're suffering from a deficit of policies and plans, it's that we've lost the understanding that in a democracy, in a culture like ours, we are only as strong as the weakest among us. We all have to be ready to compromise and sacrifice."

Michelle spoke about Barack's history of bringing about positive change for ordinary Americans while working as a community organizer and civil rights attorney, and encouraged people to believe in the possibilities of hope. She said:
"Hope is making a comeback because people are believing in the possibility of making change from the bottom up...Right now we need some inspiration. Everything begins and ends with hope. The only person who has a chance of getting us where we need to be is Barack Obama."

Michelle told everyone how important it is to participate in the political process by voting on March 4, and said, "Barack needs you. This is about changing the way we engage in democracy."


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