Friday, February 15, 2008

Join Obama's movement!

Obama's entire presidential campaign is ran by his supporters...literally. He has built a grass-roots operation that is flowing seamlessly. As he states, change is happening from the bottom up. I was inspired by an article I ran across in the LA Times. If you haven't donated to Obama's campaign because you think a few bucks here and there wouldn't help any, you MUST read about Chuck Barracato, one of Obama's many small donors.

From his South Texas home, Chuck Barracato watches the news to see how Barack Obama is doing. When Barracato is moved by Obama's message or senses that the Illinois senator could use some help, he digs into his savings and chips in $25 for the candidate's presidential campaign. Barracato's payments, sent by computer click, add up to $700, maybe a little more. It's not a big sum by the standards of political donations, but it's enough to make Barracato part of a movement that some experts believe is reshaping presidential fundraising.

"I am grass-roots," said Barracato, 68, a retired teacher who has gotten involved in the 2008 presidential campaign because of his opposition to the war in Iraq. "I am the itty-bitty guy behind the movement."

Please donate to Obama's campaign. Join our movement!!


Reg Golb said...

What does Obama stand for?

Change? Is that why he embraces Kennedy and Kerry?

If he wins we will all be riding bikes.

Vickie said...

Hi Reg,

I'm glad you found my blog!

Yes, Obama does stand for change, but also for unity and integrity, which to me is just as important.

Maybe we will start riding bikes. That could be a good thing considering the alarming obesity rate in the US :-)