Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama wins his 10th consecutive state!

Hi ObamaFans!

I am pleased to announce that Obama has won his 10th consecutive victory in his birth state of Hawaii. Despite the Clintons dispatching their daughter to Hawaii for a 3 day campaigning trip, Obama took the island by a huge margin. He received 76% of the votes, and Clinton walked away with a mere 24%.

The pundits are downplaying this win because Obama was favored in his birth state. However, I must point out...every candidate has a birth state, including Clinton, and I don't remember her winning her own home state by that type of margin.

The reality is..."A change is coming to America"...a lot quicker than most of us expected.

Let's take Ohio AND Texas!! There are many things you can do as a volunteer for the Obama campaign. Here are a couple of ideas:

Phone-canvassing from home: I have been doing this for months now. I really enjoy it. It's super easy. The script is provided by the Obama campaign (although I tend to add my own little swagger to it!), and it can all be done from your own home.

DONATE! - This is major you all! The more we donate, the more the campaign is able to do. And remember, any funds remaining in the campaign after the primary can be used for the general election.

GOTV Trip to Ohio (2/29-3/2) - Bikers 4 Obama is planning their Get Out the Vote trip to Ohio. Join us! If you are located in Ohio please contact us. We would love to meet up with you after we arrive in Chicago.


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